I hate my wisdom teeth.

I constantly dream about stairs and water and flying and falling in and outside, I can’t find a clue

I reblog and post anything that speaks to my subconscious unknown words. Therefore tumblr is, for me, like a portal to my deepest, darkest essence

According to a silly psychological quiz, my personality is resumed by the figure of a medium sized black cube made of obsidian. Any interpretation?

I feel not ready for life

If Silvio Berlusconi wins again I’m gonna leave Italy.

It’s my birthday today wohoo

In english it’s something that sounds probably like “Sciences of cultural heritage”
Even thought you might not even care but I’m so satisfied with my choice I hope not to regret it :I


From 8:00 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Classes were boring.

I am 18 Years old and I live in Italy.

I’m really fond of art and a lot of other things. I created this blog as an experiment, swearing I would just post art-pictures-etc. It’s working and I’m really happy to see that somewhere there is someone who can really appreciate it. I mean, the art thing.

I have nothing to say about myself, since I think I’m a perfectly “normal” person in a world full of idiots. Maybe I’m too sensitive and thoughtful. I’m kinda mysanthrope, but this doesn’t stop me to make friends with people I like.

I am the place where opposites live together, they struggle and then rest, and my whole life is a continuous up-and-down.

I like the unknown, the indefinite, the things that make you think “wait a minute what does it mean”, but I’m not irrational at all.

I don’t like yes or noes, I like maybes.

I like to listen and try to solve people problems, or at least to analyse them. I mean, both. Problems and people.

I like thinking. I also like sleeping and drawing my dreams. I’m lazy.

I like to sing and to read, and to draw and to hang out with people. I like culture and even if I find my school really hard I prefer to live knowing a bunch of things more than the others. I’m really curious. I like philosophy and psychology (unfortunately I have no time to deepen my knowledge regarding the last one).

My sympathy cause me too many troubles.

I don’t have beliefs, and if I have I always question them.

I’m afraid of my future.

This is not a precise description of what I am but at least I tried.

Opaque  by  andbamnan