Hercules, Athena and Atlas: The apples of the Esperides. Metope from the Zeus temple at Olympia (460/ 450 BC)(It does remind me of Klimt, I don’t even know!)
Federico Rossano - "L’inverno" (The winter) 
Edvard Munch - "The Vampire"  (1894)
Joaquin- Sorolla y Bastida - "Penitents, Holy Week, Seville" (1914)
Aram Vardazaryan - Thought 
Gustav Klimt - Lady by the Fireplace (1897- 98)
Mario Reviglione (1883 - 1965)
Adolf Frey- Moock
Shih Yung Lin (林世雍)
 Viktor Vasnetsov - Sirin and Alkonost, The Birds of Joy and Sorrow (1896)
Opaque  by  andbamnan