Why can’t I learn what the books are trying to explain me just by smelling them

I love books’ smell

I demand an “Odeur de livre - Eau de toilette” right now

How can people live. I’ve become too lazy. I need some help. UGH

200 followers!! Thank you!!

Yeah, this week will be so full of tests and I do not waannnt.
The thing I hate more about school system is that teachers don’t reward one’s true intelligence, but his ability to get good grades… Humans have so many intelligences; you can be the most reasonable dude in the world, but if you don’t get good grades then you’re retarded and you can’t even deserve dignity okay you know what FUCK YOU

I LOVE A Clockwork Orange so much. Nothing can express all the feels I have towards that movie. 

I’ll go back to school in one week and I’ll attend the last year. It will be a LONG year. I don’t even know what should I study when It’ll be over. I’ll go under a bridge begging for money, that’s what I’ll do. I’ll spend these last days to go out, given that I’ll be trapped in home for 9 and more months. It’s like a pregnancy; I’ll regress to the fetal form and I’ll reborn in june (or july) oh that’s so sick

I should stop writing. 

I’d like to show my face but I feel like it’s quite worthless so I’m still thinking about showing myself or not :0

I’d always like to talk with some of my followers but I feel like I have nothing clever to say, and that is reeeeeeeeeeeeally sad.

I have never been a teenager. I feel like I jumped from being a kid to “adulthood”. On one hand I’m too naive, and on the other I’m too mature, so I’m kinda reversed with regard to people my age. Cool.

I reached my first hundred followers! Thank you all very much.

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