I’m obsessing with MBTI lately. I’m not judging nor labelling anyone, but the fact that my profile matches me so accurately leaves me wow
I’m an INFP-

Back from Greece!

Why can’t exams just happen when you want
I am sick of waiting, I’m ready, let me take this fucking exam and set me free for at least a month, jeeeeeeeeeez

Btw, asks, anyone? I’m bored :U 

I swear I am still alive

Trying to take a selfie bc 500 followers
I can’t even smile
Wowowowow big thanks——-!

So bright, after days of rain! Sometimes i like living in Italy

eeEEEeeEeK i gotta go

Our river is overflowing :s 

Medieval History, 30 cum laude confirmed!

Opaque  by  andbamnan